Friday, November 19, 2010

Adorable People! Well... Guys.

 Douglas Booth. Basically, the best looking guy in the world. And he's not like sexy, he's just ADORABLE!!!! ok a little sexy...
 Joseph-Gordon Levitt of 500 Days of Summer. Aw :)
 Oh yes... Leo's still got it ;)
 Alright, I know a bunch of people would disagree, but he has THE cutest smile!
 Do I Really have to say anything?
James Dean. Yes I watch old movies... don't judge. But, who cares if I get to look at THAT!?!
 He's too cute. :) :)
 Awwwww James! <3
One of the guys off of that lame show on Nick. lol Buuuut... he is darling.
 I <3 Usher
            Really cute Korean actor. Rain.
Christian Bale. <3
 Cute little rocker :P
ok... I always denied this because I'm not a big Twilight person, but he's pretty cute.
How could I not!?!

The End


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