Thursday, October 7, 2010

~A New Chapter To "My Life Story"~

I love the idea of a blog... It's not like English class where you have to write and construct a peice of writing the way your teacher tells you to. It's all about me and my creative expression! I love the sound of that! 

Creativity is one of the most beautiful gifts we've been given from God in my opinion. It stretches out your thought process completely, and really brings out a whole new side of you if you work at it.

What's up with my title you may be wondering?
Well, hopefully, I can blog often, which will help me explore new things in my life, show my creative side in art, fashion, music, and of course writing, let some feelings out that I tend to hold in, and find a passion and love for God and others.

What could be better than that? :)

                                                    Signing out!,
                                                                       ~Do more than exist...~

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